Let us help you do school at home


Do you want to school at home? Do you have a child with unique educational needs?

Christian Cottage's solution is a simple 4-step process that delivers the best solution for you:

  1. Step 1: Assessment
    Nationally-normed testing will allow us to see your child's academic skill levels

  2. Step 2: Custom Curriculum Development
    We will create a program that will teach you how to homeschool, so you can have a successful school at home experience

  3. Step 3: Mentorship & Support
    Why homeschool? Our office staff has answered this question thousands of times over 25 years. We will not only teach you how but also work with you all year long.

  4. Step 4: Involvement & Protection
    We get to know your family and your individual needs. We will help you as much as needed, and even offer protection through HSLDA and our private school program.

The Total School at Home Solution
We strive to empower you as your child's educator. We offer a full service home schooling solution for your family regardless of the educational challenges or questions you may have so you can be successful having school at home. We specialize in special needs curriculum.

With Christian Cottage Home School Services you have a partner in your family's educational needs. 

We are here to answer your questions like: 

  1. How can I teach school at home? I'm not a teacher!

  2. What curriculum should I use? 

  3. Do you have hands-on materials?

  4. What is homeschooling?

Mission Statement:
At Christian Cottage we support parents as confident and competent teachers of their children. 
We empower parents as the teachers. We provide answers through testing, curriculum, teaching strategies, and even proven education therapies.